The Offer

Your ideas

You have the choice of combinations, for you, individually or as a coaching for your small team


  • Work place and occupational environment analysis

including ways of dealing with colleagues and prepare for promotion measures; Synergies and Conflict Resolution, bullyingdefense and prevention of stage fright”, communication and active presentation training


  • Executives – Coaching

Topics for executive coaching include communication among your stakeholders, developing managerial capability and competency, staff appraisals and accountability, and techniques to motivate your group

  • Negotiation and communication strategies

Strategies to effectively present your work and to develop supporting networks, along with practical training and personality analysis through “sparring”, all done in an environment that mirrors economic, social and socio-political reality


  • Cross cultural communication

Advice for “expatriate” – appearances, social conditions, behavioral patterns, and situational training, case studies, do’s and don’ts

Specialties: Arab countries, Latin America; Eastern Europe; specific countries training and network

Coaching is possible in the languages German, Spanish and English


  • Burnout prevention & relaxation training


profilDuration, costs, locations are determined by the mutual agreement of objectives. Experience has shown that recommended are 3 – 10 sessions depending on the issue. Our first acquaintance, the preliminary talk is free and available in Munich, Salzburg or in SILENTIUM in the wine road close to the Slovenian town of Ormoz. Additional travel expenses charged for different locales.